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Mas Piragua Album Coming Soon!!!  

I'm releasing a brand new Latin Hip-Hop Album called "Mas Piragua" a follow-up to my last album Piragua in 2020. I've been working on this album since last August every single day and I've gotta say it's definitely a hit! It's got production by Myself, Domingo, Erex aka Mr Scratch Hook, Senzu Beats, Hanzo Bladez and Big Poppa Nard. It features artist such as Shabaam Sahdeeq, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Serum, CTRAFFIK, 8ch2owens, Shalon, Godhead the General and more. If you love Hip-Hop, Spanish Music, the Spanish Language and/or the Latin Culture you are sure to love this album.

Piraguas Out Now!!! 

My new album is out now and it's available on all streaming platforms on 7/31/20. Right now you can buy it here at our Music Section of our website or on our Bandcamp page.

A musical celebration of culture and life. Presented in 8 different styles 

Mic Mountain is no stranger to the underground hip hop music scene. With multiple records and collaborative efforts already under his belt, this emcee has showcased his flow in a range of styles. His new album, Piragua, showcases that variety in a way like never before. 

Piragua is an audio and visual celebration of Mic’s life as Mic combines beats from multiple styles with stories of his past, his Puerto Rican heritage, and his dreams and plans for the future. 

Tracks like "Mire Loco” feature a southern vibe as Mic expresses his views on the current state of governments and their need to open up and be real with their people. 

The song also features an animated music video that Mic created and directed himself.