Interview with UnderGround Rap & Hip-Hop Connexion

Nahila S – When and how did you start MCing?

Mic Mountain – I started when I was in my early teens writing and paying local producers to record in their 8 track studios for mad cheap but it was expensive when you was a kid and it was all the money you could afford. I quit for a minute because I had to do some juvenile detention time but I never lost my passion for rhyming. When I got out and met with my homies Hasani and Lee Majorz they were already doing it big in the local music industry so I kinda got back into mcing slowly but surely.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

Mic Mountain – When I was 5 or 6 my favorite video was “The King of Rock” by Run DMC, I knew the words line for line Hahahaha. In middle school the low end theory by Tribe came out and I learned from Phife Dawg how to flow and come with punchline (Rest in Peace). Later in High school Redman came out and just gave me a whole new perspective on Mcing.

Nahila S – Where does the name Mic Mountain comes from?

Mic Mountain – My birth name is Native American, it’s Mike Mountain. I just dropped some letters and let it be “Mic” so it’s synonymous with Microphone meaning I earned a mountain of mics, I am a Mountain of different styles.

Nahila S – On the track “Mi Vida is Guerra” you are featuring with the legendary Mellow Man Ace, how did you link up? how was this track born?

Mic Mountain – Well I met Mellow on Facebook since he lives on the opposite coast from me here in the states. We started building on the phone and since I did graphic design and web sites I helped him set up his music to sell online since this was his first time doing it on his own thing the indie way with out a record labels help, I hooked him up as a favor for a verse in return as a barter. It took forever for him to return the favor! Hahahaha But with the help of my man Thirstin Howl 3rd we did a great song.

Nahila S – How would you describe your style of hip hop?

Mic Mountain – Clever, energetic, entertaining, versatile and full of character

Nahila S – What is your vision of the hip hop scene today?

Mic Mountain – The Hip-Hop scene today is very diverse, the mainstream promotes a certain 808 southern bounce sound, but traditional boom bap Hip-Hop is still alive and well especially from what I’m seeing in the New York local scene as well as West Coast. Really that traditional sound is world wide you just gotta turn off the American radio and search the web for new music that is more your taste.

Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

Mic Mountain – Doing songs with some of my favorite MC’s in the game and putting out my own albums independently.

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for hip hop bring you?

Mic Mountain – Recognition for my talent all over the world and being able to help other people.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Mic Mountain – My third solo album The Warpath 3 is coming out this summer, also I’m releasing a solo album by my homie Lee Majors which I produced called Verse4verse Volume 4.0: Chinese Medicine.

Nahila S – As a conclusion what advise would you give to someone willing to start MCing?

Mic Mountain – Whether it’s Music or just the way you carry yourself always be YOU. Don’t worry about trying to be everybody’s friend in the industry because you’ll find that there will be a few people that will hate you no matter what you do or how much love you show them. And remember it is a business at the end of the day, everyone needs to be paid so that they can feed themselves and their families. Treat others how you would want them to treat you.

Interview written by Isa Nahila Sibiril Bigini