Q&A With DMV’s Very Own Underground Hip Hop Artist Mic Mountain

Bro!!!! We would personally like to thank you Mic Mountain for rocking with our BLOG and most importantly pushing real Hip Hop! Let me ask you how long have you been a Hip Hop artist? What specific area are you from? Also, how did you get you emcee name?

Thank you for having me me it feels good to be here. I’ve been doing hip hop recording since 1992 but I didn’t release anything online until 2008. I’m from the Washington D.C. area aka the DMV area. My real name is Michael Mountain but I dropped the letters to Mic because back in the days the Source would give you 5 mics. I wanted to represent a Mountain of Microphones.

We notice your style is super original and very creative. Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

My style rhythmic and melodic but at the same time my delivery jump’s out and grabs you and hold your attention. Plus I speak with alot of character in my voice so that always helps get the point across when conveying a message through song I guess.

Please breakdown the creative process behind ““The Avalanche”…Also, ever planning on pushing a full Spanish project?

I might do a Spanglish project but not entirely in Spanish. I made sure the listener could follow along in both languages on on of the tracks “Ritmico Boricua.” From the beginning I sat down and made each beat from practically scratch. Then I put them all in Playlist order as what would sound good after the previous track.and I just wrote to the music and planned the album out as far as features and hooks and skits etc.

Do you remember the day/time when you realized you wanted to become an Hip Hop artist?

Yes my uncles always encouraged me to do my raps and draw when I was a teen, I didn’t start taking it serious until my late teens. My best friends at the time, actually my brothers Hasani Lateef and Lee Majors showed me how to do this professionally. I’ll always be thankful for them helping me believe in my self and my talents.

How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

Social Media has been a blessing and a Curse because some people will like you and some won’t. It’s like your personality and views represent your brand now but as long as you do good business and offer a good product or service and most of all remain yourself than you are golden. I’ve made tons of fans online but the best ones are the ones who are friends for life whether you have met them or not. it’s all about making that personal connection.

Your TOP 5 in Hip Hop….Deal or Alive?

Redman, Big Pun Biggie, Sean Price, Thirstin Howl the 3rd With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”? Whatever is it that is going against the grain baby!!! It’s ALL Gravy!

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

Micmountain.com Just look me up Mic Mountain everywhere!

Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to Mom Dukes she always beenmy biggest supporter, My brother Grand Master Rodimus P! My bro Mr. Ripley! My Brother Alex Gholsten. My sister Marthalicia Marthalicia. My fellow Mc’s Pace One, Prince Po, C Rayz Walz, Hakim Green, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Tame One!