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Which Song on the Pirigua EP is your favorite?

Piragua (Inrto) 4
La Caserio feat. Ant Milli 1
Huka feat. Bobby Knuxx Castro 4
Piriagua (Skit) 0
Peligroso feat. Thirstin Howl the 3rd 4
Mire Loco (Watch Out) feat. CTRAFFIK 1
Mis Suenos 1
Sabor de Abuela 2
17 responses



A musical celebration of culture and life. Presented in 8 different styles Mic Mountain is no stranger to the underground hip hop music scene. With multiple records and collaborative efforts already under his belt, this emcee has showcased his flow in a range of styles. His new album, Piragua, showcases that variety in a way like never before. Piragua is an audio and visual celebration of Mic’s life as Mic combines beats from multiple styles with stories of his past, his Puerto Rican heritage , and his dreams and plans for the future. Tracks like "Mire Loco” feature a southern vibe as Mic expresses his views the current state of governments and their need to open up and be real with their people. The song also features an animated music video that Mic created and directed himself. Peligroso is a track that gets personal. It’s the story of Mic’s growing up alone looking for his family, to his time in jail, and how he went from relying on street hustles to relying on God. This E.P., which is available now, also features some of the biggest names, and other up and comers in the underground hip hop scene. If you’re looking for Hip Hop’s return to real, Piragua is the place to start.