Real alk with Heron - Mic Mountain Interview 


Recently, I just did an Interview with German podcast host Heron on his live show. We had a good conversation about my music, my website, my home studio, and I even Freestyle rhymed off the top of the head for the first time in years live on air! Check it out here!


Hip-Hop Lifers Interview with Mic Mountain 


This past Thursday I had the Please of being Interviewed by Brad and Anthony from the Hip-Hop Lifers Facebook Group. We talked about my musical beginnings, what it was like growing up part Puerto Rican and answering the question "What would be the perfect album to make?" Check it out here on YouTube.



Hip-Hop Lifers Album Review of "Mas Piragua" 


¡Sí Papa! 

As a proud Afro-Puerto Rican, I bring you all today a review of Mic Mountain's Mas Piragua. This album is a follow up to 2020's Piragua. Both serve as anthems for living as & growing up Puerto Rican. Being able to relate to everything this album embodies, album like Piragua & Mas Piragua hold a special place in my favorites & will do so for any fellow Boricuas that give this album a listen. As Mic's predecessors (Big Pun, etc.) have proven, Puerto Ricans have unique spice (pun very much intended) in the hip hop game & that's all too present on Mas Piragua. 


Lyrics/Flow/Content: 5 Mics

Creativity/ Originality: 5 Mics 

Beats/ Production: 5 Mics

Features: 5 Mics

Overall: 5 Mics

Favorite Tracks:

- Plancha

- Black Spanish 

- Gandules 

Least Favorite Tracks: 

Wouldn’t want to choose any even if I could. The proud ethnicity present on this album make this unique perspective easily digestible. 


As stated previous, this album is Puerto Rican-centric. From the track names to the bars, everything La Montaña brings to the table is wrapped up in that proud red, white & blue flag; just as he is on the cover of the album. No, not the United States Flag. The track Black Spanish stuck out to me as it presents us with the perspective of living life as a person of mixed ethnicity. Mic Mountain on this opening tracks exudes pride for both his Black & Hispanic heritage. Once again here the perspective is all too personal; being a Black Puerto Rican myself. Mountain all over Piraguas brings us flavorful lyrics in both English & Spanish that compliment beautifully the Spanish influences in the beats. The flows on Piraguas are hungry from Mic and guests alike. 


Puerto Ricans have had a powerful presence in the hip hop game but what Mic delivers here is drenched in that Borinquen (Puerto Rican) spices. Track names such as Gandules, 3 Kings Day (Tres Reyes) & Arrebatao aren’t just references to Spanish culture but more specifically Puerto Rican culture which reaffirms the ethnic influences present. The interlude Mas Piragua features an interview in which Mountain explains the word piragua & the naming scheme for both albums. He explains that a piragua is a Puerto Rican snow cone. The cover of his previous work Piragua features a piragua cart or a snow cone cart. Mic explains in the interview the Piraguero (snow cone man) pushing the carts selling snow cones on a hot day bring differently flavors which is likens to the flavors he brings on his music. This allusion included in Mas Piraguas is made cleverer when you translate Mas to mean ‘more’ in English so the name of the album is Mountain bringing us more flavorful treats with twice as many tracks. 


Mas Piraguas is Boom Bap coming face to face with Latin music. Tracks like Black Spanish & Plancha has a more old-school Boom Bap sound. Then there are several tracks featuring that Spanish taste like Pa la Calle & Fuego which feature Spanish guitar riffs or Gandules & Salvajes which have a spicy salsa vibe. Fuego & Tiempo Para el Sexo bring a Reggeton influence. Producer Domingo Padilla, of Immortal Technique and Big Pun fame, produced the tracks La Fiesta and Gandules which have more of a party vibe. Queens’ DJ E.Rex of Hell Razah fame, mixed and mastered the whole album. 


La Montaña brings back long time guest artist Thirstin Howl the 3rd who also appeared on Piragua, Warpath 2 & 3. Brooklyn legend & fellow Latino Shabaam Sahdeeq’s verse on Con Salsa matches Mountain’s aggressive bars. Fellow HHL¡fer 8ch2Owens is featured on 2 tracks, 3 Kings Day & Salvajes. Serum, LMS, Ctraffik, godHead The General, CrDnlSn & more are sprinkled on tracks. The guest verses add and compliment the beats brought onboard for this album. 

Parting Thoughts: 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album several times. With every relistened I picked on more subtle references to Puerto Rican culture that I’ve grown up with. Lots of bangers and premier quality spitting on Mas Piragua. Lots of flavors that hip hop enthusiasts of all kinds are sure to enjoy! 

Written by: Anthony Ladell

C-Rayz Walz - BAILAPHOBIA featuring Mic Mountain and Others 

Yo Check it out!!! Today is the Day that Free Rayz Walz 2.0 the Album is released and your boy is featured on it! We did this song as a collaborative effort to support of comrade and family C-Rayz Walz while he is locked up awaiting his hearing. He's been there for almost 2 years and they refuse to give him bail based of bogus charges so we named the track BAILAPHOBIA. One love and Much Respect to the Golden ArMe representing Sun Cycle 360. FREE RAYZ WALZ!!!!



Mic Mountain Interview with Visual Caffeine TV Episode 103 

Yesterday I had a really good Interview with Saeed Ali from Visual Caffeine TV as we talked about what it was like doing hip-hop in the DC Area, my musical influences growing up and how I make my music. I really enjoyed myself and got to express a couple of things that I've never talked about before. Big Shout Out to Pedro PEDS Soler in Brooklyn, NY for reaching out to me and making this happen. I hope you all enjoy. Check it Out!


My Own Mic Mountain Billboard in Time Square on New Years Eve 2021!!! 

Last night on New Year's Eve my Digital Billboard was up and still is today, Live on Broad Street in Time Square Downtown Manhattan, New York City! I had the Honor of being advertised Live on TV along with hip-hop artists such as Gorilla Nems FYL and Pounds 448. I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite producers and mentors Domingo Padilla at Media Famous Music for believing in me and my dream and making this happen. Look forward to more hot music from me and other collaborating artists in 2022. Let's Goooooo!!!!

Mic Mountain: Exclusive On His Come Up From The Underground by Gabriela Valentin 


Almost 48 years have gone by, and hip-hop became a staple in the mainstream industry of music. Starting off on the east coast, taking a huge boom in the South Bronx of New York. It became popular for the underground scene. All thanks to Dj Kool Herc who started this movement. Known as a way to being perceived as an expression for the youth. It has now moved to a celebration and a powerful tool during protests. To this day, you can find an artist such as Mic Mountain using his power and influence to create a new flair in Hip Hop.

Who Is Mic Mountain?

Mic Mountain is an Afro-Latino rapper and producer of Native American descent. He started his career in music during his teenage years. He thrived off of his joy of writing and paid local producers to record in their 8-track studios. Currently, he is also a graphic designer and web developer. Meanwhile Mic Mountain is an independent artist who also uses the art of drawing as a form for his expression. 

“When I was a kid, I knew [music] was a good way to express myself”, said Mic. 

As someone who classifies himself as an introverted person, he found a way to be an outspoken person. For that reason, Mic Mountain relies on his creative projects. These ventures helped him be more social and have his peers accept who he is even more.

Breaching The Barriers 

By the 1980s a big part of the Latino community located in the outskirts of the United States became interested and started experimenting with Latin rap. It is different from Spanish rap, which originated in Spain. Many Cubans and Puerto Ricans who lived on the islands warmly welcomed hip-hop. 

Rappers such as Vico C, Ivy Queen, Chezina, Daddy Yankee, Eddie Dee, Tempo, and more were the ones who adopted this movement and became pioneers in the genre around Latin America. 

As for Mic Mountain embracing the Latin roots is just part of his style of music and believes in the mix of an indigenous drum or the “boom bat” as he mentioned during the interview. 

“I feel it has a native American rhythm to it, there’s always this soulful base, melodic tones, and soul samples. As well from old school sounds and a lot of Latin influence”. said Mic Mountain for Hypefresh. 

Projects In The Making 

Moreover, Mic currently has two studio albums called Piragua released in 2020, and Mas Piragua released in July of this year. Both pay homage to his Puerto Rican roots. 

To give more context, Piragua is a shaved ice dessert commonly found in the streets of Puerto Rico. These snacks come in a shape of a cone covered in a fruit-flavored syrup. Most of these bright colored dessert snacks usually sell for $1.25 to $3.00 at most. 

One of his favorite projects so far is Piragua, because for him it was the one who started it all. 

“It’s very special to me, it expresses my love for my grandmother who passed that year [2020] during the peak of the Covid pandemic. It’s also my first professional studio album which was mixed and mastered properly”. 

Mic Mountain produced majority of the album himself and he believes it’s a good album. Additionally, he dedicated a song to a girl “who stole my heart” as he remembered. A song found on his album Mas Piragua called “Black Spanish” is known as one of his most popular.


Many of his influences come from many of the genres in Spanish music, varying from Salsa, Reggeaton, Merengue, and so on. Furthermore, there are artists who have given Mic Mountain the push into the right direction of inspiration going from Big Pun, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Oscar de Leon who is affectionately called The Pharaoh of Salsa. 

He’s currently a 24/7 recording artist, which means he is always at the studio. What Mic does to find his inspiration in writing the songs is that he listens to the beat itself. While having a drink and smoking in the meantime. By the time he finishes writing, he goes straight to the booth and records almost instantly. As for now, we hope to see even more growth in Mic Mountain and catch a glimpse of what’s next to come. 

“I want to inspire people to be themselves and anybody who can relate to what I’m saying. Also to breach the gap between Spanish-speaking, hip hop listeners. Basically leave my contribution in hip hop.”


Written by Gabriela Valentin for






My #SpotifyWrapped for 2021 

I did pretty good this year, even doubled my numbers from last years #SpotifyWrapped. I want to give a shout out and a Big Thanks to all my new fans in Bahrain, Monaco, Nigeria, Serbia, Israel and the Dominican Republic. I plan to release even more new music in 2022 so stay tuned.