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The Book of Mr Scratch Hook by Mr Scratch Hook!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to bring to you a compilation of beats, bars, and scratches that I was blessed to be apart of in thirteen chapters of pure bangers in one masterpiece titled the “Book of Scratch Hook” by…

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Seendadream presents Urban Cinema 2! 




Last year I was hired to do a verse or two for my boy SEENDADREAM who was working on his self produced compilation album. I was honored that he asked me to be apart of it. Seendadream has always supported…

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Mic Mountain's Spotify Wrapped 2022

So I did pretty good this year on Spotify with 5.8K Listeners that's 3K less this year than last year but I'm impressed considering I didn't drop any full albums in 2022. 

And they say my listener Fanbase is "Adventurous"…

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Real alk with Heron - Mic Mountain Interview


Recently, I just did an Interview with German podcast host Heron on his live show. We had a good conversation about my music, my website, my home studio, and I even Freestyle rhymed off the top of the head for…

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Hip-Hop Lifers Interview with Mic Mountain


This past Thursday I had the Please of being Interviewed by Brad and Anthony from the Hip-Hop Lifers Facebook Group. We talked about my musical beginnings, what it was like growing up part Puerto Rican and answering the question "What…

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Hip-Hop Lifers Album Review of "Mas Piragua"


¡Sí Papa! 

As a proud Afro-Puerto Rican, I bring you all today a review of Mic Mountain's Mas Piragua. This album is a follow up to 2020's Piragua. Both serve as anthems for living as & growing…

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