The Warpath LP

Mic Mountain

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Pure Raw Un-cut Intelligent Street Hip-Hop Music.

If skills had a name it would be Mic Mountain. Whether it be intricate, head-nodding battle lyrics, articulate, metaphor-filled hood tales or adrenaline-rushed, soldier anthems Mic Mt. hits hard as an undisputed heavyweight lyricist pound for pound every time. Hailing from Landover, Maryland (Washington D.C. Area) this fire-spitter rocks eardrums worldwide with his debut street LP "The Warpath".

Blazing in 2006 with his first underground single "Last Of The Dogmen" he goes continuously verse for verse and line for line tag teaming back and fourth with his cohort Hasani Lateef over a dark horror-filled lurking piano loop accompanied by a rugged traditional boom bap break beat. filled with grimy filth and articulate word play it caused heads throughout the underground to turn with attention to find out who this young puerto-rock spitter actually is.

Followed with the "Last Of The Dogmen Mixtape Volume 1.0" in August 2007 and the completion of his full length debut album independently released in March 2008. Filled with 16 head banger boogie tracks such as "Mountain High", the national weed smokers anthem over a fast-paced dirty south bounce track laced with witty, elaborate, light hearted rhymes gets the party jumping and smoking at the same time! Other more hardcore battle songs such as the head-nodding "Budha Session Part.1" sampling Bary Whites Never Gonna Give You Up on the 1's and 2's or bass-pumping east coast bangers "Calm Dat Ass Down"and "Deadly Wardrums" featuring Big Shang where the hunters quickly become the hunted in a land-mine filled wasteland. More Poetic selections like "Tha Jungle" and "Wrath of the Terror" exemplify Mic Mountains story telling skills as a lyricist where he places you in situations comparable to a National Geographic Wild Life Program and the the historical battle of General Custards last stand.

Militant collaborations like "Heavy Artillery" featuring Supreme of the Legendary Boot Camp Clik which takes you back to the essence of basic training in the battle field called rap and "The Warpath Pt 2"; a song dedicated to revolutionary soldiers and freedom fighter in the days of old to the days of now. And to top it all off there's even a Latin Raggaeton/hip-hop dedication to his Puerto-rican roots and the people and island of Puerto Rico. This CD is a true hop-hip heads must have and is sure to bang you in the head with that raw, uncensored, rugged, adrenaline flowing hip-hop that is so sorely needed in the game today. A Hip-Hop Classic in a right of its own.

Prepare for the Warpath!

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