Back in the Day Video Shoot

This past weekend I hooked up with Turtlegangnyc Entertainment to film the first video for my upcoming album for 2018 "The Avalanche" LP. We shot scenes at different locations such as the alleyway filled with mural paintings behind "Republic Gardens" Night Club in Washington D.C. We also shot scenes at "The Lab" Recording Studios and "Joe's Record Paradise" in Silver Spring, Maryland on the DC border-line. The Turtlegangnyc team was very professional and they gave me so much energy to feed off of and to give that energy to the camera. I'm really glad I hired a crew instead of doing it myself with my close friends. It took us 2 days and 3 locations but we got it all done and fit all the footage in one video. Shout out the Fat Beats Forever Productions at The Lab Recording Studios, they have been holding me down for a long time. And with that said, let's show the final product below! Let's Go!!!