Thundercats Mixtape OUT NOW!!!


I know it's been a while since I blogged you folk so please forgive me, I had major surgery in mid December and I have been in the rehabilitation center until April a couple days ago going through physical therapy so that I could learn how to walk again.


Fortunately, I had a whole unreleased mixtape ready and on my hard drive at home waiting to be heard by all you good people. Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce to you "Thundercats the Mixtape"! This was a collaborative effort that took about half a year in the making to put together. I featured Artists from all over the world such as Mr Ripley, Rodimus P, Bliss, 72theSign, Multiple Man, Mista Midwest and my homie Pacewon of the Outsidaz crew. Each intrumental that we rhymed over I had produced using samples from the 1985 Thundercats animated series turning theme songs into hip-hop beats. This project was based on a cartoon that people my age grew up and watched when we were younger and if you ever seen it you would know why it was so special. I released it online for free and for sale on all major online retailers so that everyone can get a copy and we just made physical copies exclusively available on this site as well. So with no further a due I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.